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Raiders Rugby Club
A full-time development Manager is responsible for the integration of educational and life skills initiatives for athletes from disadvantaged communities.

The Raiders Rugby Club was born out of a proud tradition of rugby, with a rich history and origins stretching back over a 100 years. The club’s experiences during the first decade of democracy has mirrored that of the country, as it worked very hard to build a culture of excellence and a home for rugby players truly representative of South Africa.

The Raiders Rugby Club is one of a handful of real, non-racial premier league clubs in South Africa. It’s passion for non-racial rugby is reflected in the many people with blue-chip credentials who have been associated with the club over the last several years. These include Springboks such as Conrad Jantjes , Gcobani Bobo and Ashwin Willemse. Some of the Lions/Cats/Vodacom Cup players include Enrico Januarie, Baksteen Nel, Jaco Booysen, Ali Mhlanga, John Daniels and George Makwena.

The club runs its own development programmes for 13 primary and 9 high schools in the greater Soweto area. These programmes complement their current setup and provide a feeder system to ensure the club’s sustained success. In January 2005, the Raiders Rugby Club launched the Raider’s Athletic Club, which is another step in the fulfillment of the club’s vision to be a multi-disciplinary sports club.

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